Book Review: Ever

Ever by Gail Carson Levine
Release Date: 2010-03-23 
Publisher:Harper Collins
Pages: 288 

Olus is the Akkan god of the winds. He is also a very lonely god. At the age of seventeen he is the youngest god (the closest one is 300 years his elder). Yearning for a friend, Olus tries to live among the mortals. After several failed attempts, his goal to find mortal company seems hopeless…that is until he meets Kenzi.

Kenzi is a beautiful fifteen year old who loves to weave rugs and dance. She seems so carefree and happy and Olus loves to waste his days away by watching her. However, Kenzi’s happy life is soon shattered as she finds herself the victim of an unbreakable vow. By the end of the month her life will be sacrificed to the one and only Hyte god, Admat. The only way to save her life and thwart fate is for Olus and Kenzie to complete dangerous and near impossible tasks. Will they be able to overcome the odds to live happily ever after or will death be the only path for Kenzi?

While I enjoyed Ever it is not my favorite of Levine’s books. It lacks the instant charm of some of her other works like Ella Enchanted. With Ella I was instantly hooked and in love the story and characters, but I noticed with Ever I was a quarter of the way through before I was hooked. The book at time feels a little rushed, especially when it comes to the romance. I never really feel like I know Kenzi nor Olus or truly believe their love. It does get better as the book moves along, especially with the tasks, but a lot of the book seems to be overshadowed by the religion aspect. Not only does Kenzi struggle with the concept of there being more gods than just Admat, but Olus himself often wonders if this god exists and how he relates to his world. Overall, Ever is a good read, just not one of my favorites.

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