Teen Program: After School Program – Area 51podcast (and ramblings)

I’m afraid I have a bit of zombie brain today. I’m on day 3 of 6 for middle school Summer Reading/book talk visits. I’ve already seen about 400 teens so far! I’m excited to be reaching that many teens, but at the same time it’s a bit exhausting. Add in the fact that I’m wrapping up my after school program, getting the final touches for Summer Reading done, and working crazily on a Murder Mystery event/practice. I’ve been literally coming home and collapsing with the puppy.

I have been reading, but mainly for my book talks. I do have at least one more of those books I want to do a write up for, but I want to wait until next week; mainly because it’s been the forerunner for the favorite book right now.

Basically, all this rambling is me saying I don’t have anything to talk about. I know….lame, right? BUT I do have something for you to listen to. One of the projects my after school program has been working on is podcasts. This is one of my favorites, an interview from area 51 w/an alien. The script was 100% written by one of the teens. Audio was recorded and edited using GarageBand. I’m so proud of the projects the kids ended with this session. If I’m lucky, I’ll even been able to show you the 90 sec Newbery video the other group did on Thursday (and talk a bit more about it as well)

So for now, enjoy the interview from Area 51.


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