Teen Program: Bottle Cap Pendants and Buttons

I recently did a program called Backpack Bling that consisted of making bottle cap pendants and buttons. Admittedly, crafts do not go over well so I only had about 10 teens between four sessions, but those who came had a blast! Since it was such a small number, I let them make as many as they wanted. I had a couple take advantage of that offer, but it was fun to seem them so excited about the buttons. I even had two girls walk out with a shirt full each! Here are some of the buttons that they made!


I’m lucky in that my work already had a button maker, so I only had to worry about getting supplies. I used Badge-A-Minit who actually have decent prizes. I got 500 buttons (all parts) for only $110! I know that sounds like a lot, but it averages to .22 a button, which in my opinion is pretty darn good. Not that all the buttons were used for this program. I also did buttons for school visits. I took the covers of the books I talked about and turned them into swag buttons for the kids.

For the bottle cap pendants, I cam across a great deal on Etsy where I got 50 flatten caps w/rings and epoxy drops for $14.00! I still have about half of these left and I hope to use them in Anime Club tomorrow. I mean seriously, they make the cutest chibi pendants ever. In Backpack Bling they weren’t as popular, so I’m interested to see how they go in Anime Club.

Only 2.5 more weeks left of Summer Reading. Of course, these two week contain some of my big hitting activities so it’ll be interesting to see what state I am come August.

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