Summer Reading Highs

Summer Reading has had a lot of highs for me this summer. My stats are higher than I could have ever imagined. My goal was 200, but I flew past that in the beginning of July. How far past did I go? Only 100+ more! I ended up with 304 teens that read 742,000 pages. That puts participation up 80% and the pages read up 97%. The kids got a goal to reach 1 million pages next year; if they do my co-worker will shave his head at the final party. I’m a little worried he may have to do just that. (I have learned no to give them a challenge unless I’m willing to do it. As I learned this year when I got two pies in my face this year)

The reading program numbers weren’t the only thing up. The event numbers went through the roof as well. I did 23 teen events over 8 weeks and had 300+ people attend. (I think the actual number was 365, but I can’t remember off the top of me head.) This is more than double of what I had this year. I’m really hoping as we go into our fall session we can keep up the numbers. On Thursday I’m going to do a run down of all my programs and briefly covered what worked and what didn’t. I had some major hits like a Murder Mystery and Pizza Tasting that teens loved and pulled in high numbers.

While technically I should save the final party discussion for my next post, I wanted to talk about it now due to the huge success. We had 86 teens come to the final party and 58 stay the whole night. This is the biggest crowd ever, which was not only exciting but challenging. Usually we only have 30 teens so I had to restructure how we did things.

Normally we let the kids dictate how the night goes, but I decided to do rotations for the first part of the night. We divided the teens into teams via colored wristband (my attempt to break up cliques) and had them move between three different stations. One station was compromised of crafts, board games, and wii. I was a little worried about this station since my teens don’t come to craft activities, but it went over surprisingly well. The second station was split between ARC speed dating and giving me feedback about the teen stuff.  I am so glad I did the feedback part because I walked away with so many good comments that will help me shape the teen department as we move forward. The last station was floor games aka capture the flag and tag.Of course, this was the teens favorite part. I’m not sure what it is about capture the flag, but my teens would play it for the full 12 hours if I would let them. In fact, a lot of them went back out to play CtF once we entered free time.

OH and I got revenge for the pie in the face last year! It was so worth the year wait. Although, I did get TWO pies in my face. Ummm, I’m really hope this doesn’t become a yearly tradition! While the Lock-Ins always wear me out they are more than worth it. I’ve had several parents already report how much fun their teen(s) had and how days later they are still talking about it, which basically ensures they will continue in the future.



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