Teen Program: Mock the Movie – Labyrinth

The 4-1-1:

When: June 6th, 6:00 – 8:00pm
Resources: Interactive Script; teens, staff (pdf, shared w/permission from Sarah & Cindy)
How many teens: 15
Cost/Supplies: approx $60

  • MuVChat Session; $35
  • Props for the interactive script; $20 for glowsticks, swifter sheets, & water bottle but you will also need bubbles, rubber/toy snakes, & a fan.
  • Snacks; $4 for water. I already had popcorn and bowls from a previous program.

The run-down:

I’ve tried a couple of teen movie nights in the past, but they’ve basically flopped. In fact, out of the three that I’ve held in the past year only 1 hasn’t been canceled. I had heard about MuvChat before and thought it would be something fun to try that would be enough to bring in the teens. My only concern was for those who didn’t have phones. So, when my friends Sarah & Cindy told me about the interactive script they used for the Labyrinth, I quickly asked if I could borrow the script. The two elements together offered what I hoped would be the perfect event.

As the teens came in, I told them what to grab for the table: a script copy, glowsticks, swifters, and bubbles. I also told them to grab some popcorn and water if they would like. I explained what MuVChat was and how to join/participate; this is as simple as sending a text to a number with a keyword to join and then send texts to the number after that. I did have them send a few test texts so they could see how it worked.

Once the movie started, I played along with the kids. Giving them hints when they were supposed to be saying things and doing actions that only my script had. I tried to keep my props hidden, but that was easier said than done. A couple did ask questions, but I just played the you’ll see card.

Overall, the teens sent almost 200 texts in the 2 hours. It was fun to hear how talkative the teens were after the movie about the event. I asked if they would like to do this again and got a resounding yes. I have to tweak a couple of things, but it looks like this event will be repeated this fall with a different movie. (Have a suggestion for the movie? I’m all ears!)

Take-away/lessons learned:

  • The interactive script didn’t work as well as I had hoped. I should have sat down and rewatched the movie to see where all the “actions” appeared. It had been so long since I had watched them that I missed half the cues myself!

  • As for my end of things with the script, I was too far away to hit most of them with the water or snakes. I should have positioned myself better. Also, I took a few items out as they didn’t work as well for me. Had I been more towards the front, my additions would have worked much nicer.

  • The MuVChat was favorite part. Next time I plan to have a couple of iPod touches available for those who don’t have cell phones.

  • My teens are almost too chatty for this period. Granted it was about the movie, but it made it hard for other to hear. I tried to remind them that if they had something to say they should text it, but the response usually was I’M NOT FAST ENOUGH. I’ll try to come up with solutions for this one, but I’m not positive I will be able to.

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