Teen Program: Music Trivia Night

The 4-1-1:

When: July 23rd, 6:00 – 8:00pm
Resources: Playlists on Spotify, Finish the Lyrics (created by me)
How many teens: 7 teens
Cost/Supplies: $0

  • iPad (or something other device to play the music); already had

  • Spotify plus account (so you can use the playlists); 30 day free trial

The run-down:

I wasn’t sure how many teens I would have show up to this one so I had several things planned, including music jeopardy, random questions, and the song lists. They teens had hoped to do all of it, but we only had time for the playlists and finish the lyrics trivia.

The program itself was very simple. I used an iPad with a Spotify app to play the playlists. I had the playlist divided into genres such as Disney, Musicals, Top 40, & Country. Since the teens couldn’t see my list, I merely started at 1 and went all the way down; each least had approx 30 songs on it. The first teen to call out the correct name of the song earned a point. If no one could get it within 30 seconds, no one would get a point.

For the lyric trivia, I would read off the first half of the lyric and they would have to finish it off. I made them wait until I finished the lyric before they stood up. The first person who stood up was allowed to speak first. If they got it wrong, I would allow the next person to give it a try. Since these were a bit harder, I gave out two points per correct answer.

Take-away/lessons learned:

  • Instead of having the playlists separate, I should have pulled them all into one big list. That way it could have shuffled between the different genres. Some teens didn’t know certain genres, so they would sit and wait for the others to finish. The giant playlist would have helped lessen the wait time.

  • This is more of a wish list item, but I would love to have buzzer. It would much easier to tell who answered first.



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