Teen Program: Spa Day

The 4-1-1:

When: September 17th, 6:30 – 8:00pm
Resources: Sugar Scrub Recipes: Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, & Vanilla, Facial Mask Recipe, DIY Sleep Mask, Nail Art Ideas
How many teens: 10 teens
Cost/Supplies: $67

  • Nail Polish/Art/Removal (22): $22; plenty left for future program
  • Mirrors (4): $4
  • Measuring cups (2): $2
  • Jars (10): $0; already had
  • Cinnamon: $1
  • Honey: $1
  • Brown Sugar: $1
  • Vegetable Oil: $2.84
  • Bowls: $2.42
  • Sugar (2): $4
  • Nutmeg: $3.86
  • Cocoa: $1
  • Batting/stuffing: $3.97
  • Elastic (3): $3
  • Fabric (2 yds): $10.97; plenty left for future craft
  • Sew Kit: $4.97; will be used for future crafts

The run-down:

I divided the room into three tables: Sugar Scrubs/Face Masks, Nails, & Sleep Masks. The girls (and one boy!) decided to start off with sugar scrubs. I had the three different recipes printed out and let them decide which scent they preferred to do. They quickly learned that sugar scrubs aren’t an exact science and had fun creating new scents (like a chocolate vanilla). (30 mins)

At this point, the group started to break off a bit. The girls were interested in the facial, but didn’t want to do it because they had make-up up on. Same thing for the nails. Some of the girls were interested in trying some of the tutorials, but they had just had their nails done a couple of days ago. So, I had some who jumped over to the nail table while others continued to make another batch of sugar scrubs (the single recipe only fills about half a jar). The girls who went to nails were able to help each other and other than a few mistake were able to handle this without my help. (30 mins)

Towards the end of the night, most of the girls ended up at the sleep mask station. They had 5-6 different fabrics they could pick from. The kit I bought had plenty of needles, thread, and pins for all the girls to use. The tutorial I used was quite simple and merely consisted of cutting out the pattern, sewing it together, and then adding stuffing. I was slightly worried about them not being able to hand stitch, but only one girl had any problems. (30 mins)

Take-away/lessons learned:

  • Sugar scrubs are quite forgiving. We used vegetable oil for all of ours instead of the grape seed oil, olive oil, etc. The oils are pretty exchangeable, so whichever you choose should be fine for all the recipes. Also, many of the teens has to add more oil as it was too dry for their tastes.

  • Most of the girls opted not to use the stuffing for their sleep masks. Most of them wanted to put rice in instead. The rice can be heated up to be used as a heat mask, which they all preferred. (I’ve also heard you can throw them in the freezer for about 15 minutes and use them as a cold mask, however, I’ve never tried this out.)

  • Don’t be afraid to let boys come. I think the one I had came as a joke/to flirt with the girls, but he didn’t really disrupt the program at all. (At least, no more than normal) He ended up loving the sugar scrub (exclaiming how soft it made it hands) and helped the girls with his nails. I will admit we tried to get him to paint his nails, but were unable to get him to really do it.

  • While the nail station went fine, I think it may have been fun to pick one tutorial and have all the teens do it at once. If I decide to do this, I’ll make sure the teens don’t have their nails done the days before/come with clean nails.

  • I’ve done a spa day in the past with Mary Kay, that just went way too fast. However, pairing these activities with what she offered may have been quite nice. If I do another one, I will probably reach out to a consultant to see if they would come in.

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