Teen Program: Friday Night Madness – Humans vs. Zombies

The 4-1-1:

When: October 11th, 4:30 – 8:00pm
Resources: Teen Librarian Toolbox , Zombie Survival Kit
How many teens: 21 teens
Cost/Supplies: $0

  • Socks; left over from a previous craft
  • Scarves/Bandanas; used the scarves that we use for baby storytime
  • Print outs for Zombie Kit

The run-down:

The first half an hour was spent creating “Zombie Survival Kit”. I printed and cut out pictures to form a packet for each table. There were 22 items in all, but they could have have 7 in their “pack”. I did allow them to work in teams (no more than 2) if they wished. I had them write down their choices and come to me to get a score. I did reward the highest score with a zombie t-shirt (left over from summer reading) and those who scored the lowest where my starting zombies for my Human vs. Zombie game.

Once the library closed and I explained the rules, we took over the library for the game. Each round typically lasted about 15- 20 minutes and ended where there was only one human left. That person got the first choice of being human or zombie for the next round. Each round I tended to either give the humans or the zombies a head start/chance to hide. I tended to let the Zombies hide more, though, since it gave them the chance to sneak attack a little more.

Take-away/lessons learned:

  • Socks were a great ammo and more than enough, but I think the teens would have enjoyed a little variety. In the future, I’ll add in nerf guns and rocket launchers.

  • Having someone to collect the ammo was great, but my library building is a bit small and wasn’t really needed. Teens usually had enough ammo and we collected it as a group between rounds.

  • “No running” is a rule my teens HATE to follow. They find every single way around it. So, even though I told the Zombies they had to “shuffle” they still managed to pull off a “fast shuffle”. I had hoped the sped/movement would help distinguish who was human and who was zombie even more, but eventually, I just gave up and let them jog/run.

  • I also should have had them change the location of their scarves once they became a zombie (hand/arm to head). I thought about doing this, but thought it would be easier just to have them remove it. That way the teens wouldn’t be confused/ask a million questions about which location was which, etc. However, some of the teens tried to be “sneaky” and would hide their scarf hand so it made them look like they had already been tagged. It worked on more than one occasion, so I have to give them mad props, but it also threw off the game a bit/made it a bit unfair.

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