Teen Program: Cupcake Creations

The 4-1-1:
When: June 10th & 11th, 6:00 – 7:30pm
Resource(s): None
How many teens: 49 teens; 7 teens @ Main, 42 teens @ Branch

Cost/Supplies: $128.71

  • Cupcakes (112): $54.85
  • Frosting (7): $11.48
  • Food Coloring: $1.94
  • Sprinkles (5; 4 small, 1 large): $7.24; these were barely touched
  • Spoons (100): $ 2.84
  • Small cups (200): $3.96; little under half left
  • Sandwich Baggies: $0; already had
  • Milano Pirouettes: $4.98
  • Oreos (2): $5.96
  • Cookies: $1.34
  • Graham Crackers (2): 4.36; still had a pack or two left
  • Pretzels: $1.98
  • Wafers: $1.96; half of package left
  • Marshmallows: $1.25
  • Baking Chips; half a bag of each left
    • Chocolate (2): $3.76
    • White Chocolate: $2.50
    • Butterscotch: $2.50
  • Candy
    • M&Ms (42 oz): $8.98
    • Gummy Worms (2): $3.24
    • Licorice (2): $3.76
    • Dots (2): $2.00
    • Nerds: $0.98

The run-down:

I did this a bit different each day, but overall it had the same effect. I knew I was going to have a large crowed the first night and wanted to be sure I had enough variety for the next night. So, for the first night, I took the more popular supplies and divided them among all the tables. This included a cup of frosting for each person. I kept the extra frosting, food coloring, and extra food up by me and had the teens come up and ask for supplies as needed. I taped up some pictures for inspiration, but most of the teens decided to do their own thing. I did try to make it a little more interesting by making it a competition where the top 5 would get a small prize. This night went exceptionally well. The only time it got a little crazy was when I had teens coming up to get their cupcakes photographed and other teens who needed more supplies.

The second night was much smaller, so I didn’t need to divide everything amongst the tables. Instead, I put everything in one big pile and let them pick and choose that way. Since I had plenty of supplies left, I was a bit more free with how much they could have. There were some things like the candy and cookies that I tried to limit them on still since I could use those in other activities. Surprisingly, this group was way more wild than the night before. I think it was mainly because they were so much smaller and they could goof off together easier. Plus, I had several younger teens (going into 6th), which always throws off the dynamics more since they’re new and learning my rules.

Take-away/lessons learned:

  • I probably bought more supplies than I needed. I wanted to give a variety, but I overwhelmed them more than anything. I could have easily cut back on things like the sprinkle, pretzels, graham crackers, and wafers as they were barely used. Still, I’m happy with the $2.60 average per teen, especially since it was a food event.
  • Plastic table cloths are a life saver. I didn’t use them the second night, but wish I had. They made clean up faster and easier.
  • 90 minutes is too long. An hour is more along the perfect time. Both nights, the teens were done and out the door around this time.
  • I was scared to bump my first night as high as I did, but I think this event worked better with the higher numbers. Of course, I may have gotten lucky and just had a good crowd, but I won’t be afraid to let registeration cap at 50 should I do this one again.
  • The only other thing I may consider, if we do this again, is hiring someone to teach them how to do professional looking decorating. I haven’t looked into this option, but it would be something I would throw out to my teens to consider.


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