Teen Program: Make Your Own Journal

The 4-1-1:

When: June 19th & 23rd, 5:30 – 7:00pm
Resources: Cereal Box Notebooks
How many teens: 25  teens; 7 @ Main, 18 @ Branch
Cost/Supplies: $0; I got really lucky on this one. I had an awesome mom donate a big box of scrapbooking supplies. Otherwise, my cost would have been much, much higher. This project can be done w/o the scrapbooking supplies, but my teens loved having them to decorate with.

  • Cereal Boxes; donated by staff
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Scrapbooking Misc items, stickers, letters, ribbon, etc
  • Buttons
  • Floss & needles (or stapler)
  • Scissors
  • Glue


The run-down:

This one was pretty simple and I didn’t have much, if any, variation between the two days. I had all the supplies spread out over the various tables and let the teens sit wherever they wished. Once they were all in, I explained the basic steps to the teens and let them go. A couple came back for clarification on steps, but overall the teens grasped how to do it and had no problems with it.

While there are only about 5 steps to this project, the real fun is in the personalisation. While I had 25 teens over the two days, the journals all looked different. I’m discovering my teens really enjoy the simple crafts that have a wide range of interpretation in it. I had them all fill out a survey before leaving and all the teens rated this event as good or awesome.


Take-away/lessons learned:

  • If you’re not able to have the full range of scrapbooking supplies like I had, 90 minutes will probably be too long. I found most of mine were done in just over an hour.
  • Have lots of glue sticks and scissors. The only real complaint I got was that they hated waiting for these to become available.
  • Have thimbles. Although, my teens didn’t complain about this, the needle can be a bit difficult to get through all the layers. A thimble does help push it through easier. If you don’t want to buy thimbles, just make sure that the teens aren’t putting too many pages in their journals. The more pages the harder it is for the needle to go through all the layer.
  • You may want to have some rulers handy as well to help with cutting straight. Some of the crookedness can be hidden when you apply the scrapbooking paper, but a ruler would help with cleaner lines.

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