Teen Program: Teen Storytime (Guest Post)

Today I have a guest post by one my friends Cindy (@cindysku). She’s a Teen Services Librarian at White Oaks Library District and when I heard she did a teen storytime I knew I needed to have her do a post for me! Without further ado, here’s her post on the program.
My teens are always telling me about when they were children. They often reminisce about the picture books they used to read and being free to play games.  They have had to become more serious about school and their lives as they are growing up. This made me to want to give them the experience of being a kid again and what better way then to have a teen storytime.

Teen storytime would be different yet similar to the children’s version. We started off with a classic children’s storytime song. “These are My Glasses” was used because it is the opener for storytime in our library district. It is a great song because it has a lot of hand motions to go along with. I mentioned before the event started that the most enthusiastic teen would win a prize. This made it easier for the teens that were nervous about looking foolish to join in.

The first book I read was It’s A Book by Lane Smith. It went very well because the teens were starting to guess what the next line was going to be. The teens loved its sassy ending.  They even asked for me to read it again, but I had to move on.

We sang “We Are the Dinosaurs” and the group was a little nervous at first about doing the actions to the song, but as it went along they got more into it. They loved the part at the end when they could roar. They were so excited about the marching that our reference librarian came to check that they were not stomping my bones into the ground.

The next book we read was All My Friends Are Dead. The teens really loved this book, because it was sarcastic and funny. They laughed the whole time.

I then read a few pages from the book I Hate Everything that they liked. I had a small craft in which they each got notebook paper and wrote what they hated, but I did give them guidelines nothing sexist, homophobic, or racist and nothing about the people in the room. We then went in a circle and read the things we hate. They loved this part.

The last craft we had was making a bookworm bookmark with pom poms. I got the idea from pinterest and this worked well with teens, because I could use a hot glue gun to make it go faster.

Our last song was the “Skinnamarink” song and some of them were really trying to outperform each other for the prize.

Overall, it was a great night. I had teens asking for the event to be repeated. A few teens told me they had found some new favorite books and that makes any librarian’s heart swell with pride when they hear that.

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